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The blue dot on the left is our place. To the end of the road by Kaya Restaurant is half a mile. How long it takes to get there is up to you! 2018 bookings now being taken.

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Day 2. We ate the rest of our travelling sarnies for breakfast, bimbled down town for soap, plastic tubs, electric fans, brollies. I don’t know how but the floor fans always get broken, the feet, the fans, one was held together by jubilee clips! I think maybe desk type fans would be better for bedrooms. We have full air conditioning but not everyone likes to sleep in a noisy fridge!
I tidied up our cupboards, attic, scrubbed the one brolly which had mud splashes all over?! Had a natter with our manager. Oh and descaled the dishwasher and washing machine.
I am now glad to be Sat in Akdenis waiting for dinner! 

Day 3. We bought two desk/floor fans, Decided on a coffee at Beanies in Gelemis but they were closed so we came back into town via the garden centre. I bought a bush style bougainvillea and a succulent to replace summer casualties. Took pics of the cutest kittens! Had a coffee in The Old Hotel, in town. They were that busy that all the cake had gone! Bought a new dish brush and pool brolly then came home. Sadly new pool brolly is a bit more chunky and doesn’t fit the stand, hey ho. Had lunch at Cafe Vita Restauant and a natter with our neighbor Howard. Planted the Bougainvillea , wine time, take away Pizza and wait for the family to arrive.

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